Welcome to a brand new source of sound excitement! Our MP3 offering is an opportunity to share super music with you. Please enjoy and turn on your friends and family to some fine future roots too.

Fire Engines - Meat Whiplash
From Scotland's post-punk legends, this discordant and chaotic tune will rock you and funk you to extremes. "Hungry Beat", a collection of original studio recordings never released in the U.S. will be out in early October on the Acute label.

The Cinematic Orchestra - To Build a Home
From the album "Ma Fleur", The Cinematic Orchestra (the project of one J. Swinscoe) delivers a picture perfect setting for your world. Link with the cinematic sounds.

Free Moral Agents - Aravand
Stalk the deepest part of you... "honey in the carcas of the lion", the name of the upcoming album from the Ikey-Owens brainchild.

Nobody presents: BLANK BLUE - Peoplelectro
Hey! It's that new instrumental hip-hop wonder joy-ride delivered... Nobody presents: BLANK BLUE, off of the album "Pacific Drift...Western Water Music: Volume 2" out sometime in the future. Till then catch Nobody at

Kutmah - Agwah/Children of the Soil
As a gracious offering from one of our own dublab dj's, please enjoy a special blend of sweet hypnotical movements inspired by the desert, sun, and wind... "Warm Like the Sun" is from the Poo-Bah 10" series.

Gaslamp Killer and Gonjasufi - Kobwebs New
Trip, twist, turn, morph through one of Los Angeles' dopest dj's newest producitons... "From L.A. with Love" is the compilation soon out by Art Don't Sleep, featuring many rising Los Angeles based musicians and visual artists collaborating song by song. You dig Gaslamp Killer, be his friend.

Monotax & Languis
A relaxed tale of a venture towards skylight from... the self-titled upcoming album by Monotax & Languis. Courtesy of Igloo.

D-Minum - Saving Daylight
Atmospheres, smooth tones, bright percussion make this electronic track a joyride into an infinite sunset... from the album "Names Forgotten : Places Remembered". Courtesy of Pehr.

Madvillain - Shadows of Tomorrow (Flying Lotus remix)
Interpreted and pushed to the limits, our man Flying Lotus properly adds a spicy, bassy blend to a classic Madlib production. Please link more with Lotus and his sounds at

Officerfishdumplings - My Theme Song
Get your fix of intricate sampling textures from...the self titled album by Officerfishdumplings, Courtesy of Notenuf.

Deerhunter - Like New
Soak yourself inside of sweet melodies that will drift you in and out of... "Fluorescent Grey", the album from Deerhunter, out on Kranky records.

Chessie - Northern Maine Junction
Graceful instrumental railroad mysteries from... "Overnight" , a proper full-legnth release by Chessie. Thank you Plug Research.

The Clientele - Elm Grove Window
Pleasurable listening experiences from... "It's Art Dad" the 2005 tour CD, courtesy of The Clientele

Unrecognizable Now - 6,624 Frames
Splendid vibrations and electronic blending from...the album: "In a Cave Or A Coma" by - Unrecognizable Now. Visit Pehr for more.

A Sunny Day in Glasgow - A Mundane Phonecall to Jack Parsons
A radical tune colored appropriately from..."Scribble Mural Comic Journal" by A Sunny Day in Glasgow, courtesy of Notenuf.

Avey Tare and Kria Brekkan - Sis Around The Sandmill
Listen to provocative messages from within by...Avey Tare (Dave Portner from Animal Collective) and Kria Brekkan (formerly of the band múm), an upcoming release titled "Pullhair Rubeye" on Pawtracks. More on this project here.

Tom Brosseau - Rock Island Line
A warm traditional song played and sung so richly smooth by...Tom Brosseau on Loveless records.

Mus - El Que La Na Puerta
Get in tune to your funky 808 latin side with this jam from...the self-titled album, "Mus" courtesy of Pehr records.

Victor Berman - Farewell Lunch For Laura
All that smooth instrumental electri-jazz from...Victor Bermon's new album "Arriving at Night" on Hefty Records.

Radical Fashion - Suna
Beautiful-ness classically channeled to you from...Radical Fashion, the album "Odori" out on Hefty Records.

Dan Deacon - The Crystal Cat
A fantastical, fun journey from...Dan Deacon's new album "Spiderman of the Rings" out on Carpark Records. More superb electric/acoustic pleasure from Dan, check his space:

Ignatz - silver moon...shine sun! sun! sun!
A super musical selection from...the album "II" by Ignatz, pure rootsfolk by a lost and unworldly creature from Belgium. On K-RAA-K records.

Roommate - New Steam
This musical sensation is from...the upcoming digital release "New Steam" EP on plug research. Check out Roommate's website at

The One AM Radio - In the Time We've Got
This composition of sound and music is from...the excitingly new album "This Too Shall Pass" soon out on Dangerbird Records

Koushik feat. Percee P - Reverse Part Two
This head-nodder is from..."Chrome Children Vol. 2 Compilation" on Stones Throw Records - peep the compilation on

Languis - This Is Not a Test
A smooth composition from...the vibrant musical minds on Languis. For more visit them at

Panda Bear - Comfy in Nautica
A rich and warm selection from...the forthcoming album "Person Pitch" on Carpark Records.

Karen Dalton - Katie Cruel
This gem is from...the new reissue of Karen's 1971 album "In My Own Time" on Light In The Attic Records.

Jackie Mittoo - Soul Bird
A truly lovely song from...the new reissue of Jackie Mittoo's 1971 album "Wishbone" on Light In The Attic Records.

Yo la Tengo - Beanbag Chair
This super song is from...the awesome album "I Am Not Afraid Of You And I Will Beat Your Ass" on Matador.

Broughton & Casati - Be My Boy
An outstanding arrangement from..."the Rage" 7 inch on Plug Research.

James Figurine - Other 99
Sweet sounds that move you from...the "Covers" 7 inch on Plug Research.

Sam Amidon - Tribulation
Another timeless tune from...the album "But This Chicken Proved Falsehearted" on Plug Research.

Take - Rehearsing my Thoughts
Fresh sounds and vibes from...the "Took One EP" on Poo-Bah Records.

Adventure Time - We All Agree It's Grand
Fun voyages through sound from...the Adventure Time "Jukebox Series" 45 on Aim Records.